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6 Tips to Make Your AR Photo Booth Truly Outstanding


Imagine stepping into a bustling event, where laughter fills the air and friends gather around a captivating centerpiece - the AR photo booth. It's like a burst of excitement, with everyone striking poses, wearing virtual props, and snapping instant photos to share on social media. Sounds cool, right? That's the magic of an AR photo booth - it turns any occasion into the experience to remember.

But how do you take your AR photo booth from just fun to absolutely fantastic? Let's break it down and uncover the tips for making your AR photo booth truly outstanding.

TIP 1: Choose the right software

Think of your AR photo booth software as the DJ of an event - it sets the vibe, controls the mood, and keeps the party going. But instead of spinning tracks, it's serving up filters, effects, and backgrounds for the guests to dive into. So, don't just settle for any old software. Aim for excellence!

There are numerous companies that offer AR photo booth software. For example:

  • Check out www.banuba.com/solutions/ar-photo-booth to explore an AR photo booth solution from Banuba that ticks all the boxes. Being more than 8 years on the AR market and trusted by brands like Gucci, its SDK, with numerous effects, masks, backgrounds, glow-up, and beyond, will turn your photo booth into an AR masterpiece.
  • Have a look at Photo Booth Upload (La Photo Party). This software boasts an impressive array of features, ranging from morphs to light painting, accompanied by a diverse selection of filters. Plus, it lets you capture multi-frame photos and fun boomerangs. Moreover, it can effortlessly plunge guests into a dynamic 3D, 360-degree photo booth setting, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.
  • Another option worth considering is Social Booth. It allows you to jump right in after installation to begin crafting captivating content to share with your social circle and offers a myriad of other exciting features. You can customize posts with personalized backgrounds and buttons or add your own voice prompts to infuse your users' creations with their unique flair. Plus, it comes with built-in hosts that'll make you feel like a VIP model!

TIP 2: Create shareable moments

Nowadays, sharing isn't just encouraged - it's almost mandatory. Make it as easy as possible for your guests to spread the love by adding instant sharing features to your AR booth. Throw in some branded overlays or a catchy hashtag, and watch your event go viral more quickly than a cute cat video on the internet.

TIP 3: Offer interactive experiences

Why settle for static when you can have interactive? From gesture-controlled effects to multiplayer games, infuse your booth with elements that spark joy and encourage collaboration. It's like bringing Disneyland to your event, minus long lines and overpriced churros. And remember: the more interactive your product is, the more likely your guests will tell their friends about it.

TIP 4: Keep it user-friendly

Nobody likes a puzzle while trying to have fun. Make sure your AR photo booth has a sleek interface and crystal-clear instructions for even the least tech-savvy guests to join the fun. By making it easy for everyone to use your software, you ensure that everyone feels welcome and relaxed.

TIP 5: Embrace customization

No two guests are alike, so why should their photos be? Hardly anyone wants a cookie-cutter photo that looks like it rolled off an assembly line. So, offer your guests the chance to personalize their photos and see their creativity shine. Whether it's adding text, stickers, or doodles, the final result is a masterpiece as special as they are.

TIP 6: Prioritize quality

Quality is essential in all aspects of life, so why should photo booths be an exception? Similar to a bad haircut, a blurry photo can lead to disappointment. Invest in top-notch cameras and hardware to ensure your digital photos are crisp and clear. From genuine laughs and sincere smiles to spontaneous group hugs and dances, high-quality images serve as timeless records that evoke emotions and safeguard those invaluable memories for future generations.

Follow these simple tips to turn your AR photo booth into the talk of the town at every event. By carefully selecting the perfect software, ensuring the highest quality, and offering plenty of interactive features, you're creating an unforgettable experience that people will remember for years.

So, immerse yourself in the world of AR photo booths. Let your creativity soar, try out various features and effects, and see your creation steal the spotlight, enchanting people one snapshot at a time. With passion and creativity leading the charge, the potential is limitless.