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Top 10+ VB.Net Projects with Free Source Code

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Looking for VB.Net projects or topics with source code for free? Well, you’re in the right place.

VB.Net Projects Source Code is a project compilation made using a Visual Basic.Net Framework.

VB.Net projects are made up of different parts that include planning, designing, and putting it all together.

10+ VB.Net Projects with Free Source Code

All of the projects here have been recognized as the top thesis or capstone projects from various schools.

All the Visual Basic source code available here is free to download.

I’m confident that this collection can help you improve your skills in Visual Basic programming.

1. Payroll System

This system can be used by those company that wants to automate their Payroll system services.

Payroll System in VB.net Features:
  • Employee Information Management System
  • Client Information Management System
  • Can Activate or Deactivate Specific Employee
  • Has the ability to Create and Restore the database backup
  • Automated Payroll System
  • Crystal Report is used for reporting
  • Compute Deduction that is based on SSS and Pagibig computations.

2. Barangay Information System

This Barangay Management System in VB.Net and MySQL Database Projects with Source Code is free to download and can be used by those programmers who want to develop a barangay management system.

The system can manage barangay officials and household information. It can assign every household to its respective purok.

The main feature of this VB.Net project is the generation of barangay clearance that can be printed automatically.

3. Send SMS Messages using Modem

The Sending of SMS messages is through GSM Modem that is connected to your computer.

This Send SMS Messages using Modem will be a big help for those who are planning to develop a system that has a Sending of SMS messages features

4. Backup Restore MS Access Database

A simple way to create a Backup Restore MS Access Database Using Visual Basic 2012, I have a sample code snippet to enable the backup and restore thing.

In this course, I assumed that you have already a background in using Visual Basic.Net or VB 2008 up to a higher version.

Backup and restoration are critical in case you accidentally erase something crucial in the system’s information.

5. Point of Sale and Inventory System

A Point of Sale and Inventory System project in vb.net using visual studio has a Barcode support Inventory system, Point of Sales, Stock Master (Stock in and Stock Out of Items), Item Category master, and the likes.

Point of Sale and Inventory System using VB.NET Features:
  • Barcode support
  • Inventory system
  • Point of Sales
  • Stock Master (Stock in and Stock Out of Items)
  • Item Category master
  • Different types of Reports (Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, and Remaining Sales, etc… )
  • Product inventory according to unit of measures

6. Sales Management System

This system is intended for small-business enterprise especially that deals with vehicle cash installments or straight cash.

Sales Management System using VB.NET features:
  • Product Registration
  • Transaction
  • Payments
  • Payment Trail
  • Stocks
  • Report Generation
  • Receipt Generation

7. Automated Electronic-Portfolio System

The Automated Electronic-Portfolio Management System is developed in visual basic net.

This system is intended for the use of the student.

This Automated Electronic-Portfolio System will allow the student to create their own portfolio for future use in applying for a job.

Automated Electronic-Portfolio System using VB.NET Features:


  • Add, Update, Delete details of Alumni
  • Send Message Via SMS to Alumni
  • Send Email to Alumnis
  • Import / Export Excel Records of Alumnis


  • View logs of the student
  • Send Message Via SMS to Students
  • View Entry of the students


  • Add, Update, Delete accounts
  • Configure Database Settings

8. Voting System

The Voting System is intended for the PHINMA-University of Iloilo Student Council National and Local Elections.

This voting system source code allows the student to vote automated without the use of paperwork.

Voting System using VB.Net and MySQL Features

Activation Form Features:

  1. Retrieves student’s activation column if it is activated or not.

Voting Form Features:

  1. Gets the student’s details and verifies if the student has activated his account and redirects to which department the student belongs.
  2. An interface where the student can vote for the National and Local candidates. (Local candidates are running from their respective departments).
  3. Easy confirmation process.

9. Complete Award Automated Recording System

This Complete Award Automated Recording System is intended for recording the awardee’s information without the use of a pen.

This straightforward system is primarily concerned with the maintenance of computer parts records.

The user just selects an item and then clicks the button to update or delete it.

10. Student Evaluation System

This Evaluation System Project is used to evaluate the subject of every student to find out whether they have taken already the subject that they enrolled in or if they need to take the pre-requisite before enrolling in a subject.

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The VB.Net Projects and topics with Free Source Code that I’ve mentioned above will definitely give you an idea and help you to create one.

You just have to analyze and think about what would be the best project that suits your requirements.

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