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How to Write a Master Thesis: Key Features


Every student, during his university life, needs to write different scientific papers and make some projects. So, during graduate studies, you have to make an academic research project, which is --- a master's thesis. It is one of the key parts of the master's education program in many higher education institutions. The purpose of a master's thesis is to show how well you understand the topic, how you can analyse information, conduct research, provide reasoned conclusions, and contribute to your academic or professional future.

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Let's Figure Out What is a Master Thesis

The master's thesis begins with the selection of a topic and its agreement with the academic supervisor. This is the first stage, on which the success of the entire journey largely depends. The topic should be interesting, relevant, promising and of great importance in practice. That is, choose what is problematic today and requires resolution, analysis and improvement.

The next stage is to draw up a plan. It is better to make a plan schedule with scheduled deadlines for the completion of certain tasks. Of course, you can change and adjust something during the writing process. But if you don't have a plan, it will be difficult for you to organize the process. So you can order it at dissertationteam.com.

The third stage, which includes the largest volume of work, is the selection and analysis of literature. The better you work out the theory, the more chances you will get an effective and competent result. First, it is necessary to assess how urgent the problem is, and secondly, to identify misunderstandings and to do so to solve all problems.

Master Thesis Writing is a Complex Process

When writing a master's thesis, you should use all types of sources to the maximum and do not forget about the recommendations of the department and the scientific supervisor. You can find the material everywhere:

  • libraries, including electronic books and collections;
  • dissertations, monographs and abstracts of recent years on similar or similar topics;
  • scientific works of employees of their university or department;
  • articles in professional magazines and periodicals;
  • collections of abstracts of the conference;
  • financial, judicial analytics;
  • normative legal acts;
  • domestic and international judicial practice;
  • statistical data;
  • official websites of state structures and bodies.

The more diverse the list of sources, the higher the chances that you will reveal the topic and convince your reader.

When you have completed all the previous steps, you can start writing your thesis. Allocate a section for each task to best present all the information. After you have finished working with them, you need to write an introduction and a conclusion. You can write them in parallel, and at the end show the results for each entry point.

Here, your master's thesis already has the form of a scientific work, so now you need to issue it following norms and standards. Make a bibliographic list, fill in the title page and attach all appendices. Next, you need to check your work for typos and plagiarism using special programs.

Make your Master Thesis Defense Perfect

At the end of the thesis work, you need to prepare a report and a defence speech. First, make a presentation and handout. This is a responsible moment that requires strength and nerves. If the master's thesis is high-quality and competent, you have nothing to worry about. For everything to be as good as possible, turn to professionals for help.

Before you start preparing a presentation or rehearsing answers to possible questions, you should understand for yourself the main criteria by which the committee will evaluate your work. In addition, general impressions should be taken into account: your behaviour, appearance and ability to communicate with the commission are important.

Preparation for the thesis defence begins with understanding what the committee expects from you. Knowing the main criteria for successfully defending a master's thesis, you will be able to focus your efforts on really important aspects and confidently go to the goal.

Online Help with Master Thesis

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